Colorado POST Certified

  Paul Sabourin, PhD

Paul Sabourin, PhD, teaching concealed carry and home defense, in Teller County, Colorado.

Paul founded Concealed Honor in 2010, out of passion to empower honor and integrity in current and new stewards of life. He realized that the firearm instruction available to the average person fell short, failing to provide the comprehensive life preparation and the follow-up support that people deserve. Therefore, he created an organization that provides the most comprehensive life preparation and free lifetime membership to match the clients' honor. Seven years as a peace officer and six years as an instructor for officers provides a comprehensive foundation for the firearm defense instruction provided by Concealed Honor. Paul is a POST certified firearm instructor, a Certified Force-on-Force Instructor, and a Glock Armorer.

In 2014, God began to call upon Paul's background as minister. Paul received a call to elevate Concealed Honor to be more, and Concealed Honor became a ministry to build the Kingdom of God, by releasing Kingdom honor in people. Gun training and shooting sports became the God authored platform for greater purposes. Paul has an MA in Educational Minisitry, a PhD in Organizational Performance Improvement, and a background as a pastor/teacher.

NRA Certified

  Mark Billingslea, RSO


Mark Billingslea, RSO, teaching concealed carry and home defense in El Paso County, Colorado.

After 30+ years in "Corporate America", Mark was able to follow his heart for investing in people. As an avid hunter and handgun enthusiast, he began working with non-profits and young men, to pass on his knowledge, skills and experiences with firearms. He found that he had an ability to remove the fear and anxiety with his students and help them be confident and capable in the use and care of their firearms. After discovering that he shares the Concealed Honor passion to empower the honor and integrity in people, Mark joined the Concealed Honor staff in 2013. Mark is an NRA Certified Instructor in Pistol, Rifle and Home Firearm Safety disciplines in addition to being an NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO). Mark has held a Colorado Concealed Carry permit since 2009 and has his Concealed Defense certification from Concealed Honor.

The Concealed Honor Mission

Concealed Honor exists to exalt the person or organization that has chosen to become a protector of people by providing complete preparation, through the highest quality handgun training, a vital support network, and lifetime member services.


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.