Armed Security: Business Church and School

The Most Effective and Affordable Security for Small Businesses and Organizations

• Uniquely designed for your organization

• Using your existing staff

• At a price that matches your budget

What Is So Unique About the Concealed Honor Security Model?

Armed Security: Business Church and School

Our model is affordable for small businesses and organizations. Our model utilizes your existing staff and does not rely on expensive contracted security. Our strategies are tailor designed for the size of your organization, and this means every organization can afford to have this level of staff protection.

Our model is more effective than traditional security models. Our model utilizes a concealed security approach. Traditional models of security utilize a visual security that merely discourage the dangers to your staff. In contrast, our concealed model prepares your staff to respond with the elements of surprise and effectivess, actually saving lives.

Our model unifies your staff as a prepared team. Our model utilizes a two-prong response plan that makes your staff a powerful team at stopping threats. First, your entire staff receives training that provides threat awareness, life-saving response actions, and team unity preparation. Second, a few select protectors receive our full, concealed-armed training, unleashing the ability to neutralize a threat with surprise and effectiveness.

Our model exceedes industry standards for liability. We tailor draft official policies and procedures that exceede industry and legal standards, protecting your business or organization from inherent liabilities. Colorado law firmly supports your right to ensure staff safety with force, when the proper policies and procedures are implemented. We establish this protection for you.

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Why Would a Business Need This?

The need for businesses and organizations to be prepared to defend the treasured people in the workplace is more relevant than ever. Incidents in businesses, clubs, and churches around the nation illustrate the need. A few simple steps can make your workplace and organizational events safer. Every leader can potentially save lives by transforming their staff into a response-ready team. You may be surprised to discover that the most effective way to increase safety for your staff is also the solution that any organization can afford.

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Preparedness is a Realistic Choice

Not every organization requires complex security, with expensive consultation, electronic systems and contracted security personnel. However, every organization should be prepared, and preparedness is a simple choice. We want to show you why the affordable choice is actually more effective for small business. Let us show you how you can become a prepared organization, starting with a free consultation.

An Affordable Solution - No Matter How Small the Organization

What security companies don't want you to know is that expensive, cookie-cutter security, with electronic devices and security personnel that do not fit your budget, is actually less effective than our solutions. Attacks, whether planned or spontaneous, can account for the obvious and observable security. Experience shows that the angry customer, disgruntled employee, or greedy theif launches a quick and devastating attack that security personnel never make it to and cameras only record. attackers simply alter their plan to account for visual security measures. On the other hand, security that is concealed and has the force of a unified team behind it actually saves lives. The good news here is that, ironically, concealed security that utilizes your existing staff is also extremely affordable. Furthermore, because the expense for this type of security simply covers: consultation, training, and on-going support, the cost is always proportionate to your business size. Whether you have a company operated by three people or a hundred, you can't afford not to do this.

Tailor Made for Your Business with You in Control

Concealed Honor uniquely designs the security plan for each organization we work with, because each organization is unique. No other organization has your facility structure, staff make-up and personality, threat potentials or community. Every business client starts with a free initial on-site consultation. This gives you the opportunity to see what we can offer that is uniquely designed for your business. You then make an informed choice about what elements of our suite of solutions to implement with our support.

We never forget that the business is yours. You built it with your own blood, sweat and tears. Nobody knows better than you what types of solutions and emergency plan alternatives will work for your staff and organization. You are treated as the lead during the entire consultation process. You remain in control from start to finish and receive an effective solution that honors your staff, while establishing the highest liability protection.

The Concealed Honor Small Business Security Model

At a glance, you will see that our security model is not only affordable, but is also the most effective for small business.

Concealed Honor Organization Security Model

While our business services are simple, they are also uniquely designed for each client organization. The following list includes the most common elements of an effective small business emergency and security plan...the Concealed Honor Way. Of course, your business plan may include elements not listed or omit some of the elements below. Services almost always include:


Free Consultation • Training • Support • Annual Refresher Training

• FREE ON-SITE CONSULTATION: A risk free opportunity to explore what you can do to protect the lives of your team...and what it costs.

• GENERAL EMERGENCY REACTION TRAINING: All staff should be prepared to respond in a life-preserving way when a threat occurs. This general training transforms your staff into a unified response team.

• SPECIALIZED PROTECTOR TRAINING: Advanced training for the few trusted protectors seeded throughout your staff. This can be concealed-armed or unarmed in nature.

• ON-GOING SUPPORT AND CONSULTATION: Walking out the plan always surfaces new questions, challenges, and the unforeseen. We are with you.

• ANNUAL TRAINING REFRESHER: For general staff and/or protectors.

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