Real Estate Safety Continuing Education Credit

Personal Safety Training Designed for the Real Estate Professional

• Uniquely designed for real estate professional realities

• Plans that release your excellence rather than dumb down your professional approach

• Realtor threat response that allows you to practice with confidence and competence

• Earn DORA Continuing Education Credit

To get a free introductory course for your group at your location, contact us: (719) 322-6517.

What is Unique About our Real Estate Professional Training?

Most personal safety training for realtors is based on a list of tips and tricks. Tips and tricks can keep you safer, but often require you to compromise the professional excellence that you have worked hard to develop over your career. Professional safety training should: (1) allow you to practice your profession with all the excellence you have developed, (2) replace fear and anxiety with confidence and competence, and (3) give you more freedom in your professional practice, not put restrictions on the way you approach real estate. At Concealed Honor, we provide training for realtors that accomplishes this. You leave our training with predetermined response plans that are ready to execute, consisting of actions that free your excellence as a professional.

Course Offerings for the Real Estate Professional

Free Real Estate Self Defense Intro Course

Free Real Estate Professional Introduction Course
We bring this 1-hour course to your group, at your location free. Participants leave with an awareness of safety resources available to them, a better understanding of how to ensure their safety without sacrificing their professional excellence, and a firm grasp on their options for doing all that they can to be prepared to defend against threats in the course of their professional duties.

Real Estate Professional Training

Concealed Defense Plus+ for Realtors
A 1.5-day training that includes all the great content in our standard Concealed Defense Plus+ course, plus skills and plans specific to realtors. For realtors who desire to do all they can to be prepared, including carry a concealed handgun or who want to explore whether concealed carry is for you. Course instructors are POST and NRA, qualifying you for the concealed carry permit.

• Comprehensive Colorado firearm and defense law
• Psychological and life preparation for firearms defense
• Instruction for business, professional field work and home defense
• A full day of handgun training on the range, including other defensive weapons for realtors

Registration is $149 • This course also qualifies participants for the free life-time membership to Concealed Honor and completes the first step of the member development progression for those that may decide to pursue further handgun training. • Contact Concealed Honor for group pricing rates.

Continuing Education Credit

Concealed Honor Realtor Safety Training or Workshop: 3-4 hours of CE Credit.
We offer a 3 hour training and a 4 hour workshop that provide the realtor with comprehensive safety preparation plans ready for execution. The safety skills and plans that are presented are designed to allow the professional to ensure safety without compromising professional excellence. Replace anxiety with confidence and restore competent honor, despite the dangers. Both the training and the workshop are approved courses for Dora Division of Real Estate continuing education credit (3 hours and 4 hours of credit respectively).

• Comprehensive Colorado self-defense law
• Psychological and life preparation for self defense
• Real estate professional dangers and defense plans that change the equation
• Defensive weapon options that are sensitive to the realtor-client relationship
• Hands on training with weapons that turns skills and plans into actual preparation

Registration is $99/$120 • Contact Concealed Honor for group rates.

Continuing Education Credit

Active Shooter / Office Safety Training
Contrary to the media-created impression that active shooter violence only happens at schools, businesses are more often the target of such attacks. This training presents the difference between the average attacker and the active shooter, which determines the response. Your entire office staff will be prepared to act as team in a unified, life-saving response. 2 hour training. This course can be combined with the above DORA CE Credit Approved Courses.

Prices are based on group size and/or other consultation services provided. Contact Concealed Honor for more information on how we tailor-design a package that is unique to your office and staff.

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