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A Necessary Support Network
The decision to become a protector of people is least to some extent. This is not a journey that anyone should walk in isolation. No serious endeavor is ever very successful without a network of support, and this is a serious endeavor. Firearm defense carries psychological challenges, ever surfacing questions and concerns, and practical knowledge considerations that are ongoing for those that have chosen this honorable path. Everyone needs people with whom they can talk with, ask questions and seek expert advice. For concealed carry and home defense, we also need people to practice our firearms skills with, to get encouragement from, and to help keep this adventure fun.

To be healthy, happy and successful as a protector of people,
you need a living and relevant support network.

Concealed Honor is an Important Part of Your Network

While it would not be realistic or helpful for Concealed Honor to provide all that you need, we are a vital part of your network. When you graduate from any Concealed Honor Training, you are automatically a life-member. We provide this because we want to honor the noble choice you have made. As a member, you enjoy on-going support by phone and email at no extra charge.

The right support network is as unique as the people that have chosen this defense journey. Other elements of a solid network include your family, friends, and practice partners. Of course, we cannot provide your entire network. Therefore, at Concealed Honor we train you to recognize the vital elements of this support, so you can ensure that you form your own unique network. For additional support from Concealed Honor, check out our Concealed Honor Membership, which includes greatly discounted refresher and advanced training, discounted personal training, and a member access website with monthly articles and updates to keep your mind sharp and skills high.

Concealed Honor Training

Concealed Honor Membership
Completes Your Support Network.

• Keep your mind sharp.

• Maintain your handgun skills.

• Improve your tactics.

• Stay current and connected.


Every Concealed Defense or Concealed Defense Plus+ Graduate is Registered as a Lifetime Member Free

When you complete a training with us, you become a fellow steward of life and a partner. You join a network of people throughout our communities that have chosen to take on the responsibility of making our world safer. We honor you for making this choice. It is simply ethical to be committed to your success and to provide you with comprehensive support as long as you continue your firearm defense journey. Every Concealed Honor Graduate is registered as a member for life.

Most training organizations provide you with a class, and leave you to figure out the rest of your journey for yourself. Whether you invested your time and money for concealed carry or for home defense, Concealed Honor is committed to walking with you into your noble future. Using firearms for defense is a journey that requires an honorable community of partners. We provide that community, the Concealed Honor Network. Our membership is provided at no extra charge and you are part of the Concealed Honor Network for life.

Our Three-Step Development Progression for Members 

We have designed a three-step training progression for members that desire to gain the greatest foundation for defensive success.  The graduated training regime follows a logical progression from the member's entry course to the final step, taking the member on the most effective development journey available.  Each step in the progression promotes the member to a higher level of membership.  Each step in the progression is also guaranteed.  If the member or the Concealed Honor Instructor does not believe that the member's skills and confidence level are where they should be after completing each step, Concealed Honor provides personal training at 50% off until the member is at the level they deserve.  This packaged progression provides the greatest value in the handgun training market.  Purchase the courses one at a time, or gain a greater value by registering for the entire progression package with an additional 10% off. 

                               Member Progression

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Membership Benefits

Our membership is designed to provide everything a protector of people needs to stay sharp and current throughout the firearm defense journey. As time passes, refresher training is vital. Over time, firearm and defense law grows fuzzy, firearms skills decline, and the mental state of preparation weakens. We are committed not only to prepare you for the responsibility, but to ensure that you stay prepared. Membership also keeps you connected with like-minded Stewards of Life, a vital part of your support network. Connection with the community of stewards that you have joined keeps the adventure fresh, fun and connected with support. Never stop advancing your knowledge, skills and tactics.

• LIFETIME SUPPORT: Membership provides support through phone, email, and text for your inevitable questions and concerns

• MEMBER SKILLS EVENTS: Regularly scheduled member-only events that offer affordable opportunities to develop skills, hear expert speakers, and stay connected with other Stewards of Life. 

• 10% MEMBER DISCOUNT & 25% ULTIMATE HONOR MEMBER DISCOUNT ON PERSONAL TRAINING: Correct shooting problems and overcome the skill ceiling every shooter encounters at some point in their development.

• CONCEALED HONOR CONNECTION: Enjoy weekly articles that educate, encourage and inspire this journey of honor and responsibility. Keep your mindset sharp and don't forget some humor on our blog, The Concealed Honor Connection.

• ON-SITE CONSULTATION: Schedule an on-site consultation at your home, business, or church to solidify the defense plan for $35.

• CONCEALED HONOR NETWORK: Join the partnership of like-minded stewards of life at discounted member events and on Facebook, and Twitter.

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Concealed Honor Connection.
Concealed Honor Connection

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